So what was that absence thing all about?

It has been a while since I last posted something on here. I was caught up on this particularly steep roller coaster ride. And I’m not a thrill seeker, you guys. Whenever I felt like I was over-stimulated and I couldn’t take it anymore, the roller coaster had yet another steep drop waiting for me. And when everything becomes too much you can’t think, do or say anything. You’re just burned out. In the rain. Without rainbows…

So yeah, that’s where I was. I’m climbing back up, but I’m not back on my two feet yet. It takes time. It’s ok. I’m more relaxed now, like genuinely relaxed; not numb-to-survive ‘’relaxed’’. For an anxious person this is a big thing. I’m planning my future again. I’m changing things. Things will improve in sha Allah 🙂

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