20 things I hate about Moroccans

I love Morocco, absolutely love it. I love Moroccans too. I think I made that very clear in this post. They’re warm, fun and lovely. But they also make me want to kill myself. Or them. Am I talking about all Moroccans? Of course not. But it’s a fact that patience is very often required when dealing with the Moroccan crowd. Here are some reasons why dragging along a punch bag may not be such a bad idea.

1. To begin with: organization. Institutions or services that are organized and professional are RARE. The standard is to be irresponsible, unreliable and to not keep to agreements. They just don’t have any work ethic. They work hard though. They work hard on testing people’s patience!

2. They are not effective. They hardly get anything done in a tremendous amount of time and then they act like they worked very hard. They can only do one job a day, top. I don’t know if this is just a northern thing but it’s a serious problem.

3. Quality is a word they don’t know. Moroccan products are made by rip-offs. You pay big bucks for things that apparently can’t handle rays of light, oxygen, soundwaves or just about anything, because even watching at them makes them break. If something survives a year without breaking you can count yourself lucky. And the product of their ‘work’ is terrible. They seriously make the dumbest mistakes.

4. They drive left. And in the middle. And they cut corners. They are jerks on the road but they don’t even notice it. They just can’t drive!

5. They are superficial and materialistic. Step into a room with normal, educated people and they’re probably talking about how the sister of yesterday’s bride was prettier than the bride and how wealthy the groom is. Money, beauty and people: their favorite topics. When you subtly criticize this they don’t get it. They honestly don’t get why it’s rude to say that about the bride or why they shouldn’t be obsessed with money. There is a reason why soaps are so popular in Morocco and it’s stated in the first sentence of this paragraph.

6. They spend their money on houses and other visible things only. This says something about their show mentality and stingy lifestyle. What’s the point of having such a big home when the kitchen is always empty, resulting in kids drinking as much juice as they can in someone else’s house? Juice! What’s the point of buying your son/daughter one outfit a year to be able to buy a second house? I get that some people like simplicity and a healthy lifestyle, but these people have different motivations. They live uncomfortably so that they can buy big things, or as they put it ‘to create a future for their kids’. While fantasizing over big things they forget to create a normal youth for their kids. It pisses me off. Poor kids. I don’t blame them for attacking our table.

7. They watch your every move. They’re just always observing you and judging you in the back of their minds. Whatever you say, do or wear, it won’t go unnoticed.

8. They think you’re not intelligent if you haven’t studied physics, chemistry or maths. I assume there is a gap between the level of bèta subjects and alpha subjects in Morocco, but that still doesn’t give them the right to underestimate people.

9. Store owners don’t care when someone is cutting in line, because guess what: there are no lines! ”This is Morocco” they always say. If you want something, fight for it. That’s the law of the concrete and tiled jungle called a Moroccan city.

10. Employees that don’t get tips are not friendly to customers. I get that they don’t get paid well, but come on, they can say ‘hello’ for crying out loud. Sometimes they don’t even say a word unless you ask something. They do that when the price is self-evident in their opinion. In supermarkets employees are usually too busy flirting with each other to even look at the customer. It’s not even that they aren’t nice people. Being overly friendly to strangers is just something they were never taught to do. When you do that to the opposite sex they will most likely think you’re flirting.

11. Speaking about flirting, guys hit on every girl they see. She can be pretty or ugly, skinny or fat, tall or short, covered or uncovered, it doesn’t matter because no girl will escape the (not so) smooth talks of Moroccan guys. It’s a shame that this is part of the male culture in Morocco.

12. Officers are extremely corrupt. ‘’You were talking on the phone.’’ ‘’No I wasn’t.’’ ‘’Yes you were.’’ ‘’No I wasn’t.’’ ‘’My colleague saw you too.’’ ‘’Well my phone is in my closed bag on the backseat so whatever you saw was not my phone.’’ ‘’Shut up, you’re getting a fine. Unless we can get a deal…’’

13. Actually everything is one big pile of corrupt trash. You can bribe anyone. You want a dorm room? Pass some money. You don’t want to be examined by a doctor to get that marriage contract? Pass some money (how dangerous!). You want to renew your passport? Well, if you don’t pay them you can really just forget about city hall employees doing their work. You want to complain to their boss? He’s in the game too. Poisened souls. There are even teachers who do this, in a less extreme form. They don’t help students that are not registered in the tutoring center they work in. They are supposed to help students but they don’t, unless they receive money! There’s just no stopping to Moroccan corruption.

14. The sound of slippers being dragged, oh it’s everywhere. They don’t lift their feet when they walk. To me this sound is equally annoying as having a buzzing fly around me the whole time I’m outside. It makes me want to smack people.

15. They look down on people of lower social status. They won’t smile to people ‘below their level’ for example. Bosses look down on employees (forget about democracy, just keep your mouth shut). Employees look down on interns. Upper middle class people look down on chaabi (popular) people and it goes on like that. Especiallly as someone born and raised in a Dutch culture this is something I notice and hate.

16. Guests stay too late. This is probably a thing of my city where summer life is night life. Sometimes it’s 2:00 am and there are still people in our living room, because you know, la vida loca. They come in at 00:00 expecting food, not thinking ‘hey, maybe she doesn’t have enough groceries to cook for six extra people’ or just a simple ‘maybe she wants to sleep’. Nope, they’re thinking ‘I like this house. I wish I lived here. I’m gonna stay here until I get tired :D’. It’s that I love them; otherwise I wouldn’t open the door.

17. Quite a lot of people are tired of life and their presence makes me tired of life. They make me want to sit with the kids.

18. At an individual level they suffer from severe superiority madness. They are rather racist (anyone outside their city/area is bad) and they have inside knowledge of everything…they think. Along with their drive to mind your business they will bother you by telling you how to do whatever you’re doing. God give us patience…

19. At a collective level they suffer from the opposite of superiority. They have no love for their country. They complain about society, but they won’t change their own behavior. ”This is Morocco” is their excuse again for being uncivilized.

20. These feelings of inferiority bring about the phenomenon ‘wannabe French people’. They can’t say a sentence in Arabic without using French. There are even people born and raised in Morocco who don’t even speak the language of their country. That is just… I have no words. They take over the useless things of the west – doggies, 50-year-olds in bikinis and sometimes even bottles of wine – but professionalism and friendliness are things they skipped. The irony is that their ‘modern ways’ only prove how backward they are.

Sometimes I just need to sit down and take a moment to try to understand how retarded their way of thinking is, but I never seem to succeed at understanding how their minds work. So then I stop trying to understand their way of thinking and I start thinking about a possible cause of these weird traits.

What I think

For a big part, I blame the educational system of Morocco. I have a feeling the pedagogical aspect of elementary school is lacking and that individual needs aren’t taken into account. This is not to be underestimated! I also suspect students in high school and college don’t get to practice independent and critical thinking and to deal accordingly in a professional manner. I feel that perhaps the focus lies more on reproduction, knowledge of facts and subject specific skills than on development.

I noticed they all go to tutoring centers. All of them, the smart ones too. That can mean several things: their teachers don’t deserve their paychecks (they don’t help students), people nowadays have some kind of Asian mindset (minus the professionality) or the tree they have to climb is way too high. But what about the fishes?

These are just speculations based on people’s behavior. I’ve never researched Moroccan education so I can’t tell what’s wrong, but there are obviously some issues. Such a waste of talent.

I also think shortcomings in their Islamic upbringing form an important cause of the problem. They may learn to pray and they memorize surahs, but apparently they’re not provided with Islamic morals in an appropriate or effective way. Maybe they are exposed to wrong examples. Maybe they never learned why some things are bad. Maybe it’s a combination of both and maybe there is another reason. Whatever may be the cause, it is incredibly sad that Islamic values are barely visible in an Islamic society.

Morocco is a beautiful country that has developed very fast in the past ten years, but its people don’t seem to follow the same trend. I think they still need a few decades to be civilized. But you know? Morocco is such a magical place that its colors shine despite its shadow. It’s a land of extreme sensations that give you a rush of life. Just don’t forget that punch bag, that’s all.

Any thoughts?

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  1. I love you. You just said everything about the moroccan society that could come to my mind, im actualy amazed by how you mentioned things even i forgot about/ didnt thing you would bring up :’) Thank you.

  2. These are the reasons that made me leave my beautiful country Morocco. Unfortunately, I encountered Moroccans who still have the same mindset outside of Morocco. So as a Moroccan, I stayed miles and miles away from Moroccans. I must say that there are great Moroccans in this world and I am hoping that one day, I will encounter one of them. It’s time to change the Moroccan behavior and decolonize the culture.

    • You stay away of your own country men?
      I visited Morocco and i felt not well with those people there. But i have a Moroccan female friend, she is different from other moroccans. I told her that i don’t like her country men, she felt insulted. Although she’s interested in going to live in Europe. Should i be sorry for telling her my opinion?

      • No absolutely not you should not feel sorry for stating not your opinion that is actually the truth as a Moroccan female myself I can’t stand our men horrible towards women specially Moroccan women but once they Marry a European or an American women “basically a white person “they worship them which is asinine.

        • My roommate is not a “real man”. He’s loud, rude, dirty and has no respect for living in community or respecting other’s property. He constantly harasses the girls next door, pisses on the toilet bowl instead of lifting it, takes showers in the fucking sink and never mops or cleans up the water left everywhere and does laundry like once a month.

          Honestly I’ve lived with many nationalities being I attend a multinational university and this is by far the worst roommate I ever had. Absolute trash.

          • I can attest to that. Water everywhere, dirty and inconsiderate, very loud talking, loud television as if they’re deaf and dirty living habits.

    • i really hope so cause i started hate morocco and all ppl here i wish i can get out from here if i sill more i will lose definitely lose my mind

  3. That was a great write. We are flying into Moracco ( Marrakesh) tomorrow from the USA and having this info is very much appreciated. Any lther helpful hints would be appreciated. Nightlife? Safety? Thank you, Christopher.

  4. Wow !! That was like the most realistic analysis i ve seen of this so called nation
    U really got us all figuered out
    Its not like i dont know or live in this nightmare everyday
    But the way u put it is just amazing
    Thank u


  5. Trying to understand Moroccons alone can make a person insane. I Take my hat off to you for able to put your thoughts down and share. Moroccons in my experience are vert deluded and confused. They aspire to worldly gains and believe their status to be higher than anyone. They only care about their own kind and will never show the same affection as they would do to their own.

    • So disgustingly true about only caring about their own kind. I was conned into having another child with a Moroccan, all the bullshit he fed me and I fell for it. He was so set on having a child and me settling down to stay home (aka his indentured servant) with my other children. “Ironically” when I was 9 months pregnant, he acted like he was committed to becoming a true American by getting that passport and his citizenship. He would lie and say how much he loves this country, but sits and laughs with his family when they say, “America! Ahahaha! America!” Yeah, He’s a typical Moroccan who wanted that “special empowerment of the US passport” which shows all the other Moroccans he’s in competition with, they should bow to him. When he’s a lying con artist who so selfishly brought an innocent child into his fucked up tangled web of abuse and lies. It honestly makes me wonder wtf these ppl are really up to and what their end goal is, or are they so worried about “showing up” to other Moroccans, they have no end goal other than appearing wealthy to their proud Moroccan country men. He generates income but sends it ALL back to Morocco. He is such a lying piece is trash, I know he is going to tell America to fuck off after he makes all of his money and will leave me and his child high and dry, like a typical Moroccan piece of garbage. I hope I am wrong in saying this, but he has proved me right, far too many times. He’s destroyed American women and European women single moms and elderly women, had sex with all of them, to get where he’s at today.

      • That’s how they are raised. Every means necessary to reach their goal. They dont care about women or children. Because they dont know love. Because his father didnt love his mother also. Peaces of trash is what they are. If i were you i would cut off that peace of filth before he gets that nationality. They are uneducated never red books. They are stupid. They only want to show off in morocco. Thats why he sends money back. Thats all he cares about. He doesnt want a live in america. Eventually he will marry a moroccan woman.

        I am lucky to be born and raises in the Netherlands or else i would also be like that.

      • Well said.. thank you, I needed to hear that… I thought I loved someone but now.. ugh . Why did I even wasted my time. He fucked and still fucks his neighbor. So I’m sure they only want to marry Moroccans and use foreigners for papers and money

      • Moroccan women are no better. I was with one. Had kids with her. She left me with the kids once she got her U.S. papers. Her family saw nothing wrong with it

    • I stated everything so detailed and perfectly. I thought I was going to get married to a Morrocan. Let me tell you that you defined him perfectly every single aspect. He is a narcassist and a psychopath and I haven’t forgiven him yet for what he did to me. All of Morrocco thinks he’s religious respectful because that is the face he shows them. How can you say ur religious and manipulate people lie and cheat all the time?! I wish I could put it on Morrocan YouTube channel and expose him. I am disgusted by how they abuse people!!

  6. Just wanting to warn foreign travelling to morocco about a tour guide called Abdelaziz Baballah who will profess he loves you and lead you into a web of lies about money problems and borrow money from you because he can as you. He will promise to return the month in a few months but you not see the money again and he will attempt to cut relations with you before he has paid you back. Please do not go here with him. He runs a tour company with his friends called Morocco Sun Tours. Please do not be fooled by these charlatans. He conned me out of a lot of money. Promised to return it then said he didn’t want to talk to me again.

    Please stay away from Morocco Sun Tours and Abdelaziz Baballah.

    Have pic of him if anyone would to see what he looks like and he is not all that lol.
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  7. 7,8 9 are true! ive been in a relationship with morrocan guy and its a disaster! i dont want to meet one again anymore !he has no fun at all! arrogant and self centered.

    • arrogant and self centered i couldn’t agree more ,and sadly all other things mentioned above are true, they exist among the very people i encounter daily. But fortunately not all of them due to self awarness and education.

      • Yes most of Morrocan men are narcassists. When encountered by a narcassist you just block them and go no contact. If they try to contact you ignore them. Their soul purpose is to destroy you punish you and break you. They are incapable of loving they just want to see how much of their dirty work you will do for them

  8. I lived in Morocco and what you wrote is exactly what I observed every day. I like the fact also that even if you love the country, you are not a fool and you have the courage to say what you think. Even Moroccan agree with you because you described the everyday life so accurately. “C’est la vérité. J’te jure, j’te jure.”

  9. It’s incredible ! Went for a conference in Marrakesh and all the way this is what i’ve felt and experienced.
    I was so much excited to be in morroco and the excitement vanished in no time. It’s true that morroco is a very beautiful country and I could only wished that the people’s mentality was as beautiful. The arrongance is really at a summit which I’ve never seen. I am from Mauritius and we know what hospitality is and what we are praised for.
    Really I will never make it back again here.

  10. My worst experience as a tourist, My bag with money, credit cards, phone etc, was dragged from my arm by a passing motorcyclist within minutes of arrival, so I guess I am prejudiced. Even so, I thought this was the most hostile and unpleasant town I ever visited in a lifetime of travel. Garbage and rubble line the alleyways. At every moment you are dodging a rider with no lights at night or car pushing its way through pedestrians. Maps don’t help, as they are generally too vague, and the streets either have no visible names or they are in Arabic, rarely in French. Nearly everyone is trying to rip you off, whether salesmen, taxidrivers or the legions of young men in the streets who seem to have nothing else to do. Ugly by day and scary by night. Yes, there are a couple of mosques, palaces and gardens, but nothing compared to the Black Sea towns or Spain.

  11. Hi.

    We just got back from our 2 week tour to Morocco, and I have to say, my husband and I were extremely disappointed in the way we were treated by the people. Other than the tour guides, we found the local people to be very dishonest, opportunistic, and sometimes downright hostile. We went there to experience the culture, the scenery. We are not big consumers, so we bought a few small things, but not much. Just a couple souvenirs. However, we were hassled constantly by merchants. They would be very friendly, and as soon as we expressed a polite, “La, Shukran” to them, they would immediately dismiss us or give us hateful attitudes. The Berber people certainly seemed more friendly. But, most of the people we came across clearly saw us as nothing but walking money bags. We are not wealthy by any means, according to Western standards, and I understand that we must appear rich to many Moroccans since we can afford to travel at all, but we had to just about break the bank to go on the trip. It’s not like we have tons of cash sitting around. I can understand that people would want to sell their wares to us. They are just trying to make a living, but I got very much a feeling that many of the people felt entitled to our money. We gave food/money to people who looked really down and out, but I certainly couldn’t buy something from everyone, or give money to everyone. This was the first time we had ever been to a developing country, so maybe that is why we were so taken aback. But, I just don’t understand why so many people were so hateful. I felt bad for some of the people. Many of the people seemed to be living well- well fed, housed. We possibly may have bought a couple more things from merchants, but we were so agitated about the constant deception (for example, telling us they only have certain higher priced items on the menus, when it was not true as they later offered it to others; or telling us the restaurant across from the hotel is closed to encourage us to eat in the hotel restaurant, plus many other similar instances) and the hostility that we didn’t want to spend any more of our money there. Can someone help me to understand their attitudes a little better? I was concerned that I give a fair price for an item I had to haggle for, and I thought, you know- why am I worried about being sensitive to the merchant- he would fleece me in a second without a moment’s hesitation?

  12. AssalamuAlaykum
    I feel so much better reading this; I don’t want to have any negative feelings towards the country, but just reading this makes me feel less alone. I am half Moroccan (my mother’s side), and growing up for half of my childhood (and when visiting the country) I always felt so isolated and like I was going crazy; was it just me? Why does it seem like I’m the only one who feels this here while so many people only speak positively of it? Turns out, as this article proves, there are people who feel negatively about the country in certain areas (not to say the whole country is bad, but like any other place, it isn’t paradise, no place on earth is). Just reading your article and these comments I feel more peaceful with myself, like I can continue this vacation. I felt anxiety and had a panic attack when coming back over for a month, but your words, I’m sure, will help me be able to brush off Moroccan people’s derogatory looks and borderline verbally abusive remarks in the street (strangers, friends and family) more easily knowing it’s not just me that experiences this.
    About the education system, I went through 7 years in the education system here (8 years old to 15), you are very spot on about the things that are lacking; I would also add that the verbal and physical abuse of the teachers to students (especially harsh if the student is exceptionally anything ie, pretty, ugly, foreign, mixed race, poor, fat, smart *that the teacher feels intellectually threatened, I had a friend like this*, or dumb,etc) is also a big problem and makes students distance themselves from embracing educational lessons at school. Pair that with the lack of motivation many teachers have for teaching unless money is involved (as you perfectly explained through the after school tutoring centers they may be involved in) and you have the resulting problem persistent in Morocco.

    Thank you for your article, it is honest but as you said, this is a beautiful country, if only the people’s mindsets would be a little less harsh and more Islamic in the true meaning, it would be pretty close to paradise on earth.

    • Hi, I think we share some few feelings and I also felt a lil bit less crazy after reading all these unfortunate facts that only well behaved and educated individuals notice, as far as I can remember, I’ve never been as rude and ignorant as most of people I was related with, but I also didn’t have much friends who wanted to hang out with me, maybe because being nice and respectful to others was too boring for them, I’m really not happy with my current life because I don’t wanna act like somebody else that isn’t me, and at this point I don’t even know who the f I am anymore cuz I see myself as the different one in the herd, why do moroccans see me as weak when I talk politely to them and when I try to act like a typical impolite thug moroccan, I get more attention and respect smhhhh

  13. “Being overly friendly to strangers is just something they were never taught to do.”

    I have my doubts about that. I think they ARE taught to be overly friendly to strangers, especially tourists – in order to rip money out of them. Otherwise, they despise you and treat you like shit.

    I first came across your article during my first weeks in Morocco, and initially it made me feel skeptical. My previous experience in Morocco was very different, and I could only see kindness and openness from these people. They indeed know how to talk to your heart, but only as a way to deceive you later. After three months living here, I am now constantly thinking about leaving – I simply don’t feel comfortable anymore, and my social interactions were definitely not healthy (all of them Moroccans, since I decided to avoid “expat ghettos”) – which is a pity, because Morocco can be really delightful, and the light/energy you get at this place is absolutely surreal.

    Reasons to leave?

    GOSSIP (yes, they only talk about themselves and others, and they will talk about you to others, just wait. Conversations are mostly superficial no matter how educated they are and there is a general ignorance about any subject that is not related to their own country, Islam, or the neighbour’s new car. Extremely shallow and materialistic people);
    “EVIL TONGUE” (gossip on steroids – the criticism they sometimes have “on the back of their minds” can appear as straightforward defamation and lies, some of them with the clear intention to destroy your reputation. Be careful, they are very judgmental and malicious);
    THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT YOUR MONEY – I was first warned about this by a Berber guy who I became friends during my early days – he was the only person who never asked me for money. It didn’t take me long to realise that people here are constantly trying to make me pay things for them, or give them cash they will never pay back (apparently this is the only way to be “friends” with a “rich foreigner” in Morocco. Thank god I haven’t fell in love by anyone here…);
    ARROGANCE (this is unbelievable! I’ve spent many years in the UK, and I thought the British were too arrogant, too proud of themselves – but Moroccans can be infinitely worse, and they can respond very badly if you criticise “their way”…);
    CORRUPTION (most taxi drivers of Tangier City should be arrested for extortion – that’s what they do and it should be considered criminal);
    VIOLENCE (Moroccans try not to be violent to tourists, most of the time – but they have no reservations to treat each other like punching bags, especially who is perceived to be “lower class”. They can turn very aggressive too, and this is the main reason why I disliked so much this country. “Gangsta Rap” culture is the rule amongst the youth in a place like Tangier, and guys show their virility by being utterly pathetic, a caricature of “macho”. I now feel this is a violent country on the verge of an uprising! Putting my paranoia aside, it has become a routine to watch dreadful scenes from my window – including man spanking woman or gangs throwing stones against each other, sometimes hitting a car or someone’s house. And the worse part of it: NOBODY DOES ANYTHING, not even the police).

    Counting the days to leave this place, and probably never to come back. Despite some lovely visual memories, and almost mystical social interactions (like the poor man in rags who briefly taught me about the Sufi art of “speaking from heart to heart”), I think Morocco is unsuitable for anyone who appreciates peace and tranquility, and Tanger haven’t preserved anything from its “interzone period” – it is culturally boring and distasteful (fact). I do recommend for tourism, occasionally, but it is definitely a hostile environment for expats and truly claustrophobic for mindful Moroccans themselves.

    Enjoy while the magic lasts…

      • Cos ur not anyway clearly u have some mental issues man …get over it lol ..calm down are u one of the those losers or homeless that waiting for others to feed them and all u can do is complaining all time I’m half frensh Half Moroccan and I do love Morocco more than France and Fensh as well …French people are boring and grumpy and annoying …I feel more happy and comfortable in Morocco …and I know Algerians are jealous from Moroccan and so many Arab countries ..u must be one of those countries who just want to give bad reputation about Morocco ..but no matter what U say and do …Morocco stays the best and loved by soooo many people …like it or not haters

        • I don’t think your real name is Johny you are obviously Moroccan by the grammatical English errors that are common among Moroccan English students. 🙂 You are only angry because someone told the truth, and you know it because Moroccans themselves complain about these same points. You are just angry it is a European who is pointing it out.

          • First of all , anyone that isn’t proud of he’s country is as stupid as a human can be , the country, the government, the people, these are different things. I don’t know about you, and even though I am disappointed in my country mates, I am proud to be Moroccan, I mean , how can you not be , with all the history, the culture, the pride , honor linked to that flag , you’re just one of the guys that hears than repeat , sure , every now and then I hate my country, but I always find that what that country gave me is everything I needed to be whatever I wanted to be , we can all agree that the educational system sucks , but come on, you can find outstanding teachers and schools, or references, ebooks , so if you work hard , follow the right path, then you couldn’t be better under the roof of another flag ,u can’t say that ur not proud of being a moroccan , u don’t deserve it , I grew up in Morocco, lived in different cities and regions,and I can’t be prouder of who I am of where I’m from .
            Shame on u

          • You are so right. This guy is clearly a moroccan. The errors he makes are clearly made by a moroccan who learns the english language by translating it from French. I am from moroccan descend and born in Amsterdam. The last time i was in this shit country was 5 years ago and i will never go there again. I really hate it.
            These people are so ignorant. You cant talk about anything with them only about superficial meaningless things. They havent seen anything and experienced nothing. No knowledge and haven’t red anything. I think it is because there is no media. Or they dont understand it. Totally no intellect.

      • You should be proud to be who you are as long as your not part of the problem lieing cheating and manipulating etc.

    • Talking about the violence a few months ago 2 Moroccans were fighting each other and one of them had a pen he stabbed the other guy in the head, he kept head locking the other guy and stomped on him, there were people trying to stop their fighting this was in guelmim.

    • Thank karezza for sharing your experience.

      I’m a morrocan and I agree with everything you said. I was bullied by my own family and siblings and my mom encouraged this. Moroccan are so malicious. I think they are sadistic because they like to see you hurt. They like to emotionally hurt you and make you feel bad. They deliberately say things that will shock you and cause you a cognitive dissonance and then they’ll laugh about you because “you can’t do anything hahaha what will.you do about it..I’ll say what I want” this is wjat They all say. They know that they won’t face consequences because almost everybody is like them.

      It’s a hell hole. I’ve read that %50 of noroccans have mental illness but I believe it’s waay more that this.

      Thanks God I moved out of the country and even abroad they still jave the same attitude. I stay miles and miles away from them. They’re extremely narcissistic. I do believe that narcissistic will destroy the entire country and it will become impossible to live there for sane people.

      • Yes your right!!! I have studied and heard many people experiences with Morrocan men in particular. My ex is also Narcassistic. They are raised like this because their parents are narcassistic. You need therapy to get better so it doesn’t happen to you if it has. My ex was such a good actor and manipulator his people are convinced he’s a saint. But I saw how he used to talk bad about people lie, cheat and twist everything. I lived a life of freedom ever since I broke up with him and blocked him.

        • that was your experience with one man who happened to be moroccan. Don’t lump all moroccan men just because you have horrible taste. Reading these replies are so sad honestly

  14. I hate people like you who live in a european country to rich parents and look down on morocco an d criticize it.What you wrote is sth most moroccans suffer from and are not the cause of.You wrote about the assholes as if this was the rule.Plus you’re probably treated badly because you’re a moroccan epat and we know you think you’re better than the rest of moroccans(zmagria is what we call you).There are lots of “civilised” ppl in morocco mind you.You’re not welcome in morocco anyways.Stay in your “civilised” country and stop tarnishing the reputation of our own,outsider.

  15. Morocco is a developing country so there are youth who fight and petty crimes.You make it seem as if that’s what all of morocco is.Like I said ,stay in your country so as not to be bothered with uncivilised ppl.The way you speak is so arrogant,if you don’t like it here leave and don’t come back no need for a punching bag.and if ppl come to your house it’s that they consider you a friend,too bad they don’t see how you look down on them.

    • You would sell your mothers soul to live in the country you are telling him to stay in. I am Moroccan and i cant agree more with this article and most of the comments. Instead of attacking maybe try to become better people for the sake of the future of Morocco. Good Luck buddy from a “zmagri” like u call us

      • Hahhaha right on! Morocco is such a bullshit country. I love this article. These people only want to con you or manipulate you by their neanderthal brains.

  16. Also ppl are changing in morocco ,becoming more aware.I’m writing too much cause you really pissed me off.The ppl are really getting better and we are nicer than most coutries,you should just not be a first world spoiled brat.It’s really bad to say such stuff about ppl of a country,uncivilised,huh who do you think you are to call us that?pretentious asshole.

      • U must be a hater clearly I can swear that ur not even Moroccan Algerian !??? Get the fuck out of Morocco if u don’t like it ..people like u who are ruining it anyway …losers who can’t do anything in their life and all they do Is complaining alll the time instead of working hard for their life !!pffffff ..I’m not even Moroccan it I love this country as I saw soo many good things about it that I couldn’t find in other countries I have been too ..

        • I am leaving 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 been here 4 years for work and now I have just 4 more months! I can’t wait to divorce morocco. hahah.

          • Jojo I imagine is a typical Moroccan. Rude, jealous, greedy and probably stinks of camel shit.

    • They are super Racist When I got in a taxi in Rabat with sub-Saharan Africans the Moroccans kept saying AIDS and EBOLA. I mean just ask the sub-Sharan Africans how they feel living in Morocco. THEY ARE SUPER RACIST!!!!! Everyone from Rich Expats to migrants suffer in this country. Negative Energy EVERYWHERE, EVERYWHERE, EVERYWHERE.

      • Sub Saharans need to be lynched. I saw a video yesterday of one of them pimping out a young moroccan boy, they are so innocent right? XD Wallah start the lynchings they arent even muslim most are christian nigerian trash

    • Do you know who dostojevski is? Mark Twain? Nietsche? Probably not. I saw once a older guy from europe explaing to some men at a cafe what a Porsche is. They didnt know! There was a fucking porsche parked and they didnt know the brand. They only know mercedes, renault and peugeot. What kind of a mongol doesnt know Porsche??!!!!! Only a moroccan. Sick and ignorent. Iekh tfo

  17. I never understood why Moroccans are so proud of this amazing country, yet most of them can’t wait to leave. If you say anything about Morocco they get extremely upset as if you have spoken ill of their mothers. Very bizarre

    • Exactly! They tell you how much they hate themselves and their country, but when you say ‘ yea Morocco sucks’ and agree with them they get super offended. hahaha I don’t get it. The country does suck! Lets be real.

  18. I’m from Canada and visited Marrakech for the first time in July. What an amazing experience it was. It’s people are so lovely and friendly. And every place I visited are so beautiful. I guess it depends your state of mind and heart when visiting another country and its culture and traditions. One must be respectful as visiting a museum of arts or a beautiful library. We learn so much by just opening our minds instead of closing it and enjoying what it’s teaching as we visit each area. Otherwise stay home and just imagine what it wld be and criticize, because That’s what most ignorant people do when knowledge bores them instead of appreciating its historical ways and what’s being taught.
    I love Morocco so much that I’m going back this October. Can’t wait. Peace.

    • Well said Same here I have amazing exp and time in Morocco with people and everything ..everything he said was not right to be honest …as I mentioned before he might have some issues in his personality That’s why he sees things from the negative side and he closes his eyes to see the big positive side of Morocco ..I have never seen friendly people as Moroccons and that’s what everyone agree about …people there help each other chat with each other everywhere u go …in the Train taxis street shops coffees ..very beautiful atmosphere that u can’t find anywhere else ..love going there and I dream to go and live there one day hopefully..

      • Not to be negative, but wait till you live there for more than 6 months and then you will see they are being nice for altier motives and not out of sincerity. They are hospitable, but not kind. They are being that way to either get something or increase their reputation not because they have a white heart.

      • You are so right. Your own fault . I would never go back there if i were you. Just miss nothing! Did anyone call you when you were abroad? No! You always called them! I know because i know how they are. They only call when they need you. Go and never go back.

    • Not to be negative, but wait till you live there for more than 6 months and then you will see they are being nice for altier motives and not out of sincerity. They are hospitable, but not kind. They are being that way to either get something or increase their reputation not because they have a white heart.

  19. Thank u for your
    Representations me too i hate this facts in morocco and i want it to disappear especially the boys they had dirty mindes living like animals and u hear these words from a 18 years old boy wants you to know that there is no hope to change this Instinctive behavior but for me i’m so proud to till u that i didn’t try to pick up any girl ever and i’m waiting for the one who really deserve my care but in the other side i really how i’m going to find her if still like that without turning to be animal like the other boys but in all cases i’m not going to change i will still like that even if i won’t get my dream girl
    i just want u to know that a boy like has already exist in this darkness
    and thank u

  20. Not all of ur points are true to be honest ..I live in Europe and I hate it and I hate its people ,some of the points u said I found them in Europeans the most , Morocco is loved by so many people and Moroccans are friendly ..I have never seeeeen in my life as friendly people as them to be honest …they don’t need to drink alcohol to have fun cos they know how to have fun without drinking and looking like a shit ….I know a lot of people they moved to Morocco and live there and they love it …if u had bad experience it doesn’t mean everyone does …I have bad exp in Europe as well …everyone’s experience is different ..and the bad and the food are everywhere no one is perfect …maybe ur the one who have issues in ur personality that’s why it’s hard for others to handle u !!!! Sometimes we are the ones who have prob and issues and we blame it to others ..concerning the quality of products in Morocco There are good products as well ..in Europe I buy expensive products and good quality as they claim but they don’t last one month lol …while I have some products from Morocco they last forever …and also not everyone want to leave Morocco except the loosers and the lazy people who can’t do anything and blame the government lol …and even when they do leave they still the same they don’t do nothing cos they are the prob. Not the government…..so if u say these things it doesn’t mean everyone saw what u saw…..as I said above everybody has a different stories and experience..still Morocco is the best among soo many. Countries ..and I can assure u that is even better than some of the European countries as well ….some of ur points were completely wrong …..

    • Morocco better than European countries?. Is that why they try to sneak in on boats?, by Shan marriages and other illegal ways?.

      • Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Moroccans are not friendly AT ALL. If they are friendly it is to get something for themselves, have you never seen the knifes coming out of the women’s eyes as you walk by? They all drink alcohol and have sex, but in a hypocritical way because they pretend they don’t then go to mosque and pray so its all secret. Also, the men cheat on their wives all the time. Maybe because you are a man you don’t see it but I get cars stopping 5-6 times a day thinking I will get it mostly 40 year old men. *gag* Lastly you are giving her a hard time for criticizing your country but I know in two minutes you will be turning around to your friend and saying how awful Morocco is. Moroccans hate their own country and that is a huge problem in and of itself.

  21. This post helped me a lot. Thank you for speaking out so comprehensively on this. And I believe you’re right. Pedagogy and the educational system are crucial. The challenge will be to implement improved teaching standards, when those in power have a clear interest in maintaining the situation just the way they like it – with the powerless ever more discouraged.

    I pray for Morocco. I really do. Her young people deserve far better

  22. i can’t disagree as a moroccan, im completely different and im willing to exit this damned country and look for my life and my goals outside. seriously! people live here for nothing, die for nothing. i want to do something, live for something, die and be remembered for doing something! i don’t know if its a miracle or no but thank god and my parents for raising me in a correct way in order to end up like what a human is supposed to be.

  23. I’m dating a morrocan this time being. But he work outside Morocco. Before I read comments section, I have trust in him. but now, thanks to you guys… it has declined somewhat. Hahaha. but its okay, it’s only been a few weeks. maybe I should be alert … thank you all for the pros and cons. It’s open my mind

    • Dump him. Dated many. Most psychological damaging thing ever, and all my friends who dated then would agree. Also they are not monogamous.

      • Stacy you dumb twat you don’t even know the guy yet you’re still judging him based on his nationality. If that’s not racism, I don’t know what it is.

      • I’m dating one now and I’m waiting for his true colors to appear, so I can slap him black and blue. He has been warned not to ever cross me or else. Other than that he’s like any other man… Boring

      • Yes ! And they say cruel things and gaslight you for being too sensitive. Most narcissistic and self-serving men I’ve ever met in my life. Controlling about what you wear, think and say and all the while they cheat and lie. Never again.

  24. Jesus Christ,

    How you were able to write this?
    I really never seen, a spot on, text like this.
    Really is 100% accurate.
    I am a Moroccan, living in Europe, and those 20 reasons are exactly the reason, why Idon’t like to go to Morocco, although it really magical there.
    Nice writing sir.

  25. It is difficult to simply generalize Moroccans. Moroccans come from a variety of backgrounds. There are different ethnicities, religions and socioeconomic classes within Morocco. Within this these groups are people with coming from a various educational backgrounds. I’ve traveled the world and I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. The mentality that most of the commentators despised I’ve seen within most Eastern Muslim countries. Some of those traits I see here in the west with Westerns, so it is not limited to Moroccans or Morocco. I’ve traveled the world and I’ve met people from all over the world and my opinion is this. People from or living in developing countries idolize wealth, material things and those who are highly educated because this unavailable and unachievable for most people in their country. These are countries where money speaks and gives people respect and power. That is why those who immigrate are idolized because their modest American or western salary appears a lot for family and friends back home, they never take into consideration cost of living in the West. I’ve seen a lot of Morccocans working 2-3 jobs to afford a materal looking life that looks somewhat decent to the outside world but not everything is what it seems. Even the upper middle Class Moroccan women go to Turkey to buy fake “Marka.”
    I’ve seen Moroccans get paper divorces so that they can get low income housing and government insurance but they have a luxury apartment and nice cars back home. All the money they save is shipped to Morocco and when it runs out they come back to make more.. Facebook and Istagram photos are all smoke and mirrors and a facade. Last what I will say is I had a Moroccan couple as neighbors. She a Nurse Anesthetist back home, he a lawyer neither degree transferable in America so they both went back to school. She went 4 years of school to become a nurse while pregnant and modeling on TV. She completed school with a small child and he went to night school for Accounting. He stayed home with the kid and did an amazing job with him. This couple hustled and truely blew me away. Truly admirable couple. I have another Moroccan couple who I know. He works 2 jobs, they are always divorcing and getting back together. She comes from a upper middle class family and he came from a poor family but his salary in America was good so she married him. For 13 years they have been married on and off and she treats him terribly and shows him no respect. She gossips, judges people, her family treats people as below them but she is a no one important. They break up and get back together often. He tries to move on but he has terrible stereotypes of Western women, so he always returns to her and the kids. My point it is impossible to stereotype.

  26. Although I agree with OP it’s always difficult to generalize you are 100% right on all comments. I’ve see all of this so many times and tried to express to others, but never so eloquently. Thank you for writing this it’s helped me see in words how I feel often.

  27. I couldn’t agree more. My list of reasons actually gets longer now as I am married to one !! Although my wife is very different than Moroccans and she is trying her best to change and learn manners and my culture too, I still get annoyed with the way people think and behave in Morocco (and Moroccans living in Europe). I used to live in French side of Belgium which is full of them and I moved to the Dutch side so I can stay away from them. Now I have a title for Moroccans… Alf Riyal.. it means Thousand Riyals because they always talk about thousands and millions in a currency that they don’t even have. Each sentence that comes out of a Moroccan mouth must contain a number and the word Riyal. 😀

    We now have a daughter and I got her my nationality and luckily my wife was OK with that while another Moroccan woman would make a big fuss out of it. I simply told my wife that I am the father and according to natural cycle of all species, I will manage the family. Because in Morocco, men don’t tend to be very responsible and all the house related decisions are controlled by women. Brothers don’t work and the sisters are expected to support their families even when they are married and living abroad.

    Ah my comment got a big long but you lot are the first I could share my mind with. THANK YOU FOR READING 🙂

  28. Lived here 4 years as an expat. 100% accurate. I am not even gonna lie and say I like the country anymore. Morocco sucks, and made me into a super angry person. If one more girl at ACIMA gives me a dirty look for not having a dirham I swear I will loose my shit. Morocco sucks! Glad to be leaving for good soon.

    • Funny you should mention ACIMA. I am fortunate enough to live a stone’s throw away from one. If ever you need a microcosm of the mental illness that is the Moroccan work ethic, I invite you to stop by for a visit.

      Items that run out – and stay out – for days, weeks or months on end. Credit card readers that stop working precisely when you’re not carrying cash. Workers who work hard to avoid eye contact lest it translate into real work. Standards of hygiene that would embarrass a hard-working orangutan. The doorman who likes to pretend that his temperature reader is still working.
      Slow moving lines at the fruit stand that make you seriously consider alternative vitamin sources (can I eat my shoe?)

      From the delivery guys who deliver supplies like they’re playing rugby, to the cashiers who nonchalantly spend their last dirham before remembering to ask their neighbor to “cut a hundred”; I’ve seen countless foreigners, after a stressful day’s work, spend their last ounce of patience at ACIMA, Marjane or Carrefour – breaking out in a fit of rage in front of befuddled cashiers who truly, sincerely, candidly don’t (or can’t) comprehend what all the fuss is about. Ah, the innocence of Moroccan youth!

      I love Morocco, but my honeymoon has morphed into a marriage of convenience. The only thing keeping me here is a Moroccan wife, incredible friends, and a very healthy relationship with an enterprising pharmacist.

  29. The French wannabe phenomenon find its root in the colonisation period and western power. Thus modernity in Morocco is linked to French culture but things are changing with the new generation…

  30. Dear Lina,

    I’d like to respond to your post, because while reading it I laughed and also cried.

    I’m a moroccan citizen who left my home country in 2009 for university studies. So I’ve been in France for 6 years, moved to Canada for my masters and finally to the USA for an internship and English learning.  Honestly during these 8 amazing years abroad I only missed my loved ones who live in Morocco but I never felt belonging to the culture or the mindset of my home country since I was a kid and started recognizing the difference between the Good and the Bad.

    Unfortunately in 2018 I had to come back as my husband works in Morocco, he is also an educated man and we share the same values. And here my nightmare started. What surprised me the most is that I have never struggled integrating and adapting to a new culture, on contrary it nourished my spirit and curiosity and gave me more motivation to learn and meet new people. However, it wasn’t the case in Morocco ! And I discovered that when I started working.

    My first experience lasted 3 months, as the boss used to see me as a “dangerous element” for him, because I wouldn’t keep my mouth shut when the it’s the 10th day of the month and we still didn’t get paid, or when he sends me extra work and harasses me with calls in the middle of weekend. So I had to quite and asked for my pay of 45 days which he refused to give me and when I decided to suit him, I went to the office of “work inspector” who represents the employees advocate and supposed to get my rights, the guy was already corrupted by my boss and kept giving me appointments to come back later, until I got tired and gave up.

    My second experience was at an offshore center belonging to a French multinational. I was the happiest one and thought I’ve finally found the right workplace, the project was interesting and most of the team members seemed to be mature and had several years of experience. Nevertheless, I was wrong again.

    After few weeks I started discovering how it works. In general I understood that if you don’t spend 5 hours a day talking with your colleagues about your own life, privacy, how much your husband earn and more personal details, also share some stupid jokes and topics they see you as an abnormal person with complex or they feel like your superior to them and don’t wanna talk.

    One day a colleague came to me and said in a rude manner : ” listen ! you’re on a fast paced way we’re not in the North America this is morocco and you should calm down. If you can get your work done in 1 hour, here you must do it in 3 days”. Yeah I was shocked

    At some point they start harassing morally, talking behind your back and underestimate your work. What drove me crazy the most is when someone I already know that he or she hates me lot comes to me with a smile and try to make me feel he or she is a friend… the best considered employees  there were THE SPIES of managers and those who take long breaks, I understood that this was the company culture . If you don’t have almost weekly lunch with the HR department and talk about fashion and badmouth your colleagues you want get your paperwork  done fast.

    They used to criticise successful people, laugh on them, even on people with disabilities. If you don’t have a car or don’t wear a bracelet of gold you’re nothing… I had to be patient and keep focused on my milestones and personal development. After one year and half of patience I was ready to move another step forward and got a new job. So yesterday was my last and wanted to organise a small party, way to say good bye, so I sent an invitation to my team members and some other good friends from other projects and to managers. Unfortunately, all my haters didn’t come. And when I say haters I mean people who were incredibly jealous and tried to make me loose my self confidence just because I used to work as it should be and I graduated from foreign schools. So I celebrated my last day with some good colleagues and friends thanked them for all and left. Now I feel happy, free I really feel like I got rid of a huge weight.

    I have to say that I don’t regret coming back as we’re staying temporaty and despite of all I met amazing rare people and thanks to them I’m keeping hope. I have to be strong and positive as long as we are here, until my husband and I leave to another healthy mind society which believes in hard workers, professionals, human values and civilization. A place where most of people would love to know us as persons, exchange smart conversations, share positive energy, non materialistic and don’t judge you based on how you look or what you have !

    • I’ve worked in a few European countries and encountered the same type of people. Again, let’s avoid generalizations.

      • Stop being triggered by these comments. We are her to talk particularly about Morrocco and it’s people. It does not mean there aren’t bad people in Europe or elsewhere. You can create a page for Europeans as well if you want!

    • You are so right. Your own fault . I would never go back there if i were you. Just miss nothing! Did anyone call you when you were abroad? No! You always called them! I know because i know how they are. They only call when they need you. Go and never go back.

  31. This is the dumbest shit I’ve heard all day! You know nothing of Moroccans your Dutch right! Lol. Im married to a Moroccan and we’ve been together going on 10 years. I’ve never felt peace until I spend time in Morocco. I feel peace when I leave America and I’m in Morocco. I also don’t give a crap what other Moroccans say or do. My husband’s family doesn’t like him as much cause he married a white women from America. You know what we say to them mind your own business. If my family wants to stay till 2 am I’ll go to bed without them. I don’t care about making them happy, etc. This is everywhere in the world! You might as well make this about people in general not just Moroccans!

  32. Moroccans are fucking pricks, money-grabbing twats. I have never been to a shitter country in my life. Great read. I think I could probably go up to 100 reasons why Moroccans are scum.

    • criticising one’s country is understandable. Calling someone “scum” is not no matter how big the difference of values is.
      You sound like white racist fat privileged trash. You know, the kind that would judge a whole country based on a shitty experience they had in a certain country. So learn to close that big fat racist mouth of yours, Male version Karen.

      • It isn’t racist to call Moroccans scum when they are. Plus I don’t think you understand the definition of racism. When I say Morrocans are scum it comes from an opinion based on experience.

        Whereas your statement comes from you probably being on the left and hyper-sensitive when you hear something you don’t like and blurt out the racist card.

        I can keep making you look stupid if you want, but I would give up.

        P.S Morocco as a whole is a dump, with incredibly greedy and deceitful people. Worth avoiding at all costs ( This isn’t racist either ).

    • There is always a stereotype about every country in the world , maybe Morracans are known to be dishonest,greedy,opportunistic,,etc but we shouldn’t forget that there are a bunch of “Cliché” and stereotypes about all the other countries , as an American digital nomad who has been to several countries across Europe,Asia and North Africa I have to say that there are tons of cultural difference between countries ,for example we Americans say that German people are direct,too strict,Never wanna admit their faults, they stare at you so much wherever you go , they think they’re stoic,judgemental people who like every thing to be perfect,mostly unfriendly and frugal , as to Dutch people I find’em cold , direct,always moaning,stingy,frugal and they tend often to criticise americans ,judgemental mindset not to mention that they lack some manners when they talk to you directly which might be offending and disrespectful.
      Well I think that we Americans are
      friendlier , more open-minded and especially more sociable than Europeans and others cuz we have a multi-cultural country unlike most of European countries but I do believe that you too have some cliché about us out there.

  33. Sadly the characteristics you outline are being brought with them to countries they are migrating to. It has nothing to do with the effect of poverty or corruption of officials, as these characteristics are not common in immigrants coming from for example Latin America where the scale of poverty and corruption is at an entirely different level. I feel a lot more that these characteristics stem from an obsession with money, not to eat but to look like they are important. Combine this obsession with money with a pervasive sense entitlement and you get behaviors that are not compatible with any sense of humanity. Hence the bad mouthing everybody, the lack of respect for others, the inability to understand that one needs to work hard for money and that money and looking rich is not a goal of life. Even devout Muslims possess these characteristics and I don’t understand how they can’t see the contradiction. But religion aside, you don’t need to believe in any religion in order to possess morals, values and personal integrity. My advice to emigrants from Morocco searching for opportunities in ” developed” countries is to first have a visit to places like Cuba or Haiti or Mexico to first learn how to live with incredible difficulties and still preserve their humanity. Adversity is not a valid excuse for being a bad person!

    • That’s so true truth ninja. Morocco is a narcissistic society. They have an extremely inflated ego and they feel entitled to put down anyone. I blame the ognorance of parents. I noticed that most.families are dysfunctional al and they play favors between their kids. There is always a golden child and a scapegoat in the family and it creates cycles of abuse that get passed down the generations. It’s very difficult to fix this. This nation is really going down the tube . And because this type of behavior is rampant, people don’t see anyway to survive except to learn the same narcissistic beha ior.

      • You said this right. I have heard discussions on this matter from Morrocans althemselves. It’s sad to fix this problem because it starts with parents and in childhood. They have religion to follow with a strict precise culture but they want money and they want to live free at the same time. So many don’t tell their parents n have another life/personality. They really are raised as narcassists and sadly it’s the only way they can survive with their own people. I am glad I am finally free of my narcassistic ex and life is beautiful!!!! Alhamdulillah!!!

  34. Hey,there is always a stereotype about every country in the world , maybe Morracans are known to be dishonest,greedy,opportunistic,,etc but we shouldn’t forget that there are a bunch of “Cliché” and stereotypes about all the other countries , as an American digital nomad who has been to several countries across Europe,Asia and North Africa I have to say that there are tons of cultural difference between countries ,for example we Americans say that German people are direct,too strict,Never wanna admit their faults, they stare at you so much in streets and wherever you meet’em, judgemental people who like every thing to be perfect,mostly unfriendly and frugal , as to Dutch people I find’em cold , direct,always moaning,stingy,frugal and they tend often to criticise americans ,judgemental mindset not to mention that they lack some manners when they talk to you directly which might be offending and disrespectful.
    I think that we Americans are
    friendlier , more open-minded and especially more sociable than Europeans and others cuz we have a multi-cultural country unlike most of European countries but I do believe that you too out there have some cliché about us .

    • Thank you Mr. Garcia. You have said it all. Nobody is perfect in this world and wherever you go there is a stereotype about each country.. I also travelled a lot and I am working with other nationalities from all over the world.. I have a conclusion that nobody is an angel and nobody is perfect.. you can find Dishonest, bad and greedy people wherever you go… Unfortunately people will always judge you based on their bad experience or based on what they hear about a specific country or race… I blame the Moroccans who give a bad impression or reputation of their country I blame the political regime because they look for their own interest but not for the interest of their own people. If you are a Moroccan living abroad please be a good ambassador of your country. If you left the country because you hate the system, or you couldn’t succeed in Morocco, work hard on yourself and go back to your country to change it. Yes Morocco lucks good services in the public sectors but you can still find professionals in most of other sectors.. So instead of always criticizing and look at the negative side of the country, DO SOMETHING… Fight ignorance and increase education “You can’t change the whole world if you can’t change yourself” spread love instead of hate… There are so many good and honest people in Morocco so stop Stereotypes .. I am proud to be Moroccan and I look forward for a better Morocco and better world..

  35. I mean… there are a few good points, like how superficial and materialistic some Moroccans are, but there’s also a phenomenal amount of stupid generalizations! How can you describe a whole nation as wannabe French and decades away from civilization? And since when are doggies a thing of the west?!
    Our language has been heavily influenced by French, same as Spanish was influenced by Arabic, yet I’ve never heard anyone call Spaniards wannabe Arabs…
    Look, if you hate us so much, I wholeheartedly invite to seek another country where you’d feel less annoyed by the people! Nothing’s keeping you here, sweetie.

    • But when the Spanish people talk to each other they speak only Spanish, they don’t mix their native Spanish tongue with Arabic or Darija words in their discussions. Whereas some Moroccans when they talk to each other they would “deliberately” speak French only or mix it with their Darija dialect in order to appear educated or feel superior. A sick mentality.

      So yes, some Moroccans in Casablanca and other big cities wanna be French. Moroccans wanna be everything but themselves.

    • Indeed. Sick country and wannebe french. Just to seem educated. Like french is a world language.. yeah right. English is too difficult for them. But what do you expect from a people who whatch bollywood movies. Iekh. Totally ignorent. If they would participate in an easy quiz they would not get one point. Haha its hilarious.

  36. Moroccan society is a sick narcissitic society. I see narcissists everywhere in Morocco. Especially among men. Its just a toxic environment overall. If you are a sane person, you would go craaazy loving among Moroccans. Families are very dysfunctional in Morocco. There is so much favoritism and black sheeps inside the families. Theere is usually one kid, probably the daughter, who’s treated like shit and used as A tool to project all of their sickness on her. And when she speaks up, then she’s too sensitive, she can’t take a joke….and so on. Morocco is a psych ward and if you want to stay sane and preserve your mental and psychological health, then you should cut loose all of those sick people and just leave the country if you can. I really.hope that this hell hole would disappear one day.
    You can have ptsd living with those sick people. They are very toxic.
    And you can’t talk to them neither woth logic, nor with Islamic values…they just do what they want and it’s either their way or the highway. If you don’t agree, they bully you. Gaslighting is HUUUGE . They will drive you crazy. Stay away from them. I’m very serious. Just save yourself.

  37. You NAILED it! I’m living in Morocco 15 years and I’m exhausted of everything you wrote, it’s all accurate.

  38. Do they know who dostojevski is? Mark Twain? Nietsche? Probably not. I saw once a older guy from europe explaing to some men at a cafe what a Porsche is. They didnt know! There was a fucking porsche parked and they didnt know the brand. They only know mercedes, renault and peugeot. What kind of a mongol doesnt know Porsche??!!!!! Only a moroccan. Sick and ignorent. Iekh tfo

  39. What I, as an ex wife of a Moroccan, can’t stand is all equally despicable in my book. I am sickened by the way they openly display racism specifically towards American Black people. The way they condone and encourage domestic violence, rape, homophobia, transphobia, polygamy, misogyny, manipulation, deception, inbreeding (ie, my sister married my “mothers brother” and “my brothers wife, is my mother’s sisters daughter.”… no! Your mothers sister’s, daughter is your brothers FIRST COUSIN, ands your sisters arranged husband is her UNCLE!!!

    Now onto, infidelity (not only will you get smacked across the face if you ever mention the other woman’s name but if you’re lucky enough to find out also, you guessed it! family members! They lust and yearn for their sister in laws, nieces, and first cousins.) NO ONE will decimate your entire self worth and esteem, the way a MOROCCAN spouse (husband or wife they are both equally deceitful, if you are of any western or European decent). The next, is greed for American and European money and everything about our style, but more HATE for our cultures than anything even though they copy EVERYTHING Americans do and say, especially American Black people, who they loathe, ironically. They also brag about being the original people who started the slave trade. I cannot call a damn thing beautiful about such a hateful, oppressive, racist, and pathetic patriarchal culture. How you can consider food delicious and culture beautiful from hate, is beyond me. Morocco, if you desire western money and culture, don’t bring your hate and racism to America of all places! We have our own healing and reconciliation to do with American Black people, we don’t think your shit is cute or funny. We don’t think your trans and homophobia is okay either. We don’t like you, “Ahahahaha!! Aaammmmerica! Hehehehe!” Stop the hate, homophobia, and misogyny, or you will never evolve.

    • This is so true. Moroccans are so hateful. I am Morocco and I live in the United States. I make sure I stay miles and miles away from moroccans. I love how direct Americans are. What you see is what you get. Contrary to morrocans who are EXTREMELY manipulative and deceptive. They think they’re very smart because they’re good at it. Welcome to Morocco where narcissistic and sociopathic behavior is acceptable. It’s the mainstream mentality. Just RUN from them and stay away.

  40. Sorry for all your bad experiences, in Morocco or with Moroccan, but this differ also from a city to another, I was born in Tangier which is the top north of morocco, and a lot those statements you made are not true, to give you an example, I’m Moroccan but when go to Marrakech, I feel like a I hate those people because all they want from you is money, lot of scammers lot of cheaters… etc
    This doesn’t exist in my city, people are different especially with tourist, they don’t give a f*** about you as a foreigner, my parents didn’t let us in hunger to buy a house, they still don’t even have a house but we never felt hunger, we eated we dressed like kings, so the writer can go f*** his little asshole, because before writing something of moroccans you need to do more researches, because morocco’s culture differ from a city to another, the way we dress, food or weddings are the same in every city.

    • I lived in Tangier for two years. There are plenty of scammers all around, from the medina, down the ‘boulvar’, to the beaches. My female friends were sexually harassed more by the bouzbal in Tangier than in the Dakhl. You might have dressed like a king of most Tanjaouis drag their bathroom slippers on the ground below their chandals/kitmas. All of the writer’s opinions are just as true in Tangier as their are in Saidia, Meknes, Kenitra, and Jadida.

  41. You are racist crying about Moroccans being racist!
    You just used a lot of racist words toward Moroccan, but in the other hand you hate the fact that Moroccan are racist?
    The fact that they speak French along with Arabic, is that they were colonized by France, and it’s normal to be influenced by it, if you go to north morocco you will find people speaking Spanish and some Amazigh words along with Arabic, because ? yeah you guessed the north was colonized by Spain, and the Amazigh have moved to the north.
    In Fact you are critiquing just to critique, you already heat Moroccan for some reason, obviously because I think you are a woman exactly from middle east, and you a Moroccan woman stealed your husband from you.

    • I’m a Moroccan man, and I agree with pretty much everything said. If you’re like me and fortunate enough to have been born in the west, morocco and moroccans just feel evil. Like they’re just not nice people lol. Judgmental and fake are the words that come to mind. Incompatible with today’s world. What confuses me: Morocco has never had a disaster, they’re just mean for no reason! Lebanon (30 year civil war), Algeria (1 million dead in 90s), Afghanistan (civil war + US occupation), India (very poor) but they’re all so kind!! Moroccans have been through nothing and yet they’re such shitty people lol especially the older generations + younger generation of women stuck at home glued to social media. Bleak future for Moroccan society 🙁

  42. Thank you very much for writing this. After 3 years of living in Morocco I can validate that this is highly accurate, and sometimes intense enough to have given me some form of PTSD. I have been to 45 countries and Morocco is the only one which I would be glad to not visit again. The essential inhumanity of the society is NOT simply the result of poverty – I have been to quite a few countries poorer than Morocco where the average citizen is far better educated, better mannered, more respectful and much harder working. Unfortunately I think the combination of religious extremism, widespread functional illiteracy, male-domination and the monarchical dictatorship (all of which reinforce eachother) mean that Morocco will remain stuck for several more lifetimes as one of the meanest and stupidest societies on earth. Many millions of Moroccans seem to confirm these judgements by leaving or desperately hoping to leave the country, my wife included.

  43. That’s how they are raised. Every means necessary to reach their goal. They dont care about women or children. Because they dont know love. Because his father didnt love his mother also. Peaces of trash is what they are. If i were you i would cut off that peace of filth before he gets that nationality. They are uneducated never red books. They are stupid. They only want to show off in morocco. Thats why he sends money back. Thats all he cares about. He doesnt want a live in america. Eventually he will marry a moroccan woman.

    I am lucky to be born and raises in the Netherlands or else i would also be like that.

  44. you wouldn’t know what a real man was.. if it shit on your face.
    you are too arrogantly ignorant.

    you are not a bit of a man you are not a real man and you’re stupid af for saying that you re also sexist af and everybody hates people like you because you are useless and nobody wants or needs you so please stop being a batch and go clean the kitchen !

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