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Enough about me. Let’s talk about you! Tell me about yourself. Who are you? Share as much or as little as you like 🙂

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  1. My name is Aziz from Saudi Arabia , I was born in a small village , I spent four years to study at university ” Islamic law ” the good thing that I got it from there , it’s nothing much useful to study that .
    Then I’ve been teacher then lawyer and finally social researcher so far .
    And I’ve just started to study English translation . After these completed studying and working I don’t know what will become , and I feel nothing and need more .

    Even here I don’t know how to end this post , I’m still searching …

  2. My name is M…. and I am 26 years of age. I live in the Netherlands, originally from Kurdish descent.

    Currently I am working as an IT consultant in and around our country and am at a point in my life where I increasingly value family-relationships. (i.e siblings etc).

    Furthermore, I have a (Sufi-like) love with Allah (swt) and the heavy Quran. I can especially appreciate beautiful recitations which never fail to move my heart.

    I found your (this) blog, as I frequent a Moroccan mosque on a weekly basis and often just sit alone in the back and do my Ibadaat. But also (mostly unintentionally) observe the Morrocan culture, their highs, their lows, the collective and the individual.

    I used to hate the fact that I am Kurdish of background. But the older I get and the more cultures I experience. The more appreciation I showcase to Allah (swt) for the fact that my foundation is of the Kurds and therefor their attributes I own. These are attributes of: (1) no shame in displaying their big hearts through their tongues or actions, no matter who they are facing. (2) True fighters for good and the weak. (3) not a group who’s into superficial stuff (4) appreciate and worship Allah silently (read: no hipocracy) and (4) last but not least “Adab” (Our men and women showcase amazing manners), but also that fact that our men and women are truly equal.


    You know, Allah (swt) has made us different, so that we can attract each other, but still the same, so that we stay with each other. A fact that will remain even as our times are transforming.

    Bi-Khair Insha Allah.

  3. I’m Heartbeat and I’m in my middle thirties. I was here when this blog first started. I’m revisiting it and reading through all your topics.

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