My dream is to fly

To a place where the sky is blue and houses are white,
A place where birds sing and stars bling,
Where leaves dance to the melody of the wind
And people dance to life,
Because the sun kisses them to smile
While warm air soothes them with hugs.

It’s where pressure is only high, in the sky
And clouds are low, below their feet;
Where they walk on air with their feet still on the ground;
Where the dreams they float in are the reality of life.

It’s a place where the future is bright;
not because there is no darkness,
but because there is light.

Morocco, my love

I was born in the Netherlands to Moroccan parents. As a child I always spent my summer holidays in Morocco. Every year we would drive 2500 km in a hot minivan crammed with kids, gifts, peanuts and chocolates to see our family in Morocco. They have always been the purpose of our trip and the main reason for our love for Morocco. I am truly blessed to have such a great family. But that’s certainly not the only reason I love Morocco. I cannot live without Morocco! It has my heart, my love and my soul. Maghrib, kan bghik!

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