20 things I hate about Moroccans

I love Morocco, absolutely love it. I love Moroccans too. I think I made that very clear in this post. They’re warm, fun and lovely. But they also make me want to kill myself. Or them. Am I talking about all Moroccans? Of course not. But it’s a fact that patience is very often required when dealing with the Moroccan crowd. Here are some reasons why dragging along a punch bag may not be such a bad idea.

1. To begin with: organization. Institutions or services that are organized and professional are RARE. The standard is to be irresponsible, unreliable and to not keep to agreements. They just don’t have any work ethic. They work hard though. They work hard on testing people’s patience!

2. They are not effective. They hardly get anything done in a tremendous amount of time and then they act like they worked very hard. They can only do one job a day, top. I don’t know if this is just a northern thing but it’s a serious problem.

3. Quality is a word they don’t know. Moroccan products are made by rip-offs. You pay big bucks for things that apparently can’t handle rays of light, oxygen, soundwaves or just about anything, because even watching at them makes them break. If something survives a year without breaking you can count yourself lucky. And the product of their ‘work’ is terrible. They seriously make the dumbest mistakes.

4. They drive left. And in the middle. And they cut corners. They are jerks on the road but they don’t even notice it. They just can’t drive!

5. They are superficial and materialistic. Step into a room with normal, educated people and they’re probably talking about how the sister of yesterday’s bride was prettier than the bride and how wealthy the groom is. Money, beauty and people: their favorite topics. When you subtly criticize this they don’t get it. They honestly don’t get why it’s rude to say that about the bride or why they shouldn’t be obsessed with money. There is a reason why soaps are so popular in Morocco and it’s stated in the first sentence of this paragraph.

6. They spend their money on houses and other visible things only. This says something about their show mentality and stingy lifestyle. What’s the point of having such a big home when the kitchen is always empty, resulting in kids drinking as much juice as they can in someone else’s house? Juice! What’s the point of buying your son/daughter one outfit a year to be able to buy a second house? I get that some people like simplicity and a healthy lifestyle, but these people have different motivations. They live uncomfortably so that they can buy big things, or as they put it ‘to create a future for their kids’. While fantasizing over big things they forget to create a normal youth for their kids. It pisses me off. Poor kids. I don’t blame them for attacking our table.

7. They watch your every move. They’re just always observing you and judging you in the back of their minds. Whatever you say, do or wear, it won’t go unnoticed.

8. They think you’re not intelligent if you haven’t studied physics, chemistry or maths. I assume there is a gap between the level of bèta subjects and alpha subjects in Morocco, but that still doesn’t give them the right to underestimate people.

9. Store owners don’t care when someone is cutting in line, because guess what: there are no lines! ”This is Morocco” they always say. If you want something, fight for it. That’s the law of the concrete and tiled jungle called a Moroccan city.

10. Employees that don’t get tips are not friendly to customers. I get that they don’t get paid well, but come on, they can say ‘hello’ for crying out loud. Sometimes they don’t even say a word unless you ask something. They do that when the price is self-evident in their opinion. In supermarkets employees are usually too busy flirting with each other to even look at the customer. It’s not even that they aren’t nice people. Being overly friendly to strangers is just something they were never taught to do. When you do that to the opposite sex they will most likely think you’re flirting.

11. Speaking about flirting, guys hit on every girl they see. She can be pretty or ugly, skinny or fat, tall or short, covered or uncovered, it doesn’t matter because no girl will escape the (not so) smooth talks of Moroccan guys. It’s a shame that this is part of the male culture in Morocco.

12. Officers are extremely corrupt. ‘’You were talking on the phone.’’ ‘’No I wasn’t.’’ ‘’Yes you were.’’ ‘’No I wasn’t.’’ ‘’My colleague saw you too.’’ ‘’Well my phone is in my closed bag on the backseat so whatever you saw was not my phone.’’ ‘’Shut up, you’re getting a fine. Unless we can get a deal…’’

13. Actually everything is one big pile of corrupt trash. You can bribe anyone. You want a dorm room? Pass some money. You don’t want to be examined by a doctor to get that marriage contract? Pass some money (how dangerous!). You want to renew your passport? Well, if you don’t pay them you can really just forget about city hall employees doing their work. You want to complain to their boss? He’s in the game too. Poisened souls. There are even teachers who do this, in a less extreme form. They don’t help students that are not registered in the tutoring center they work in. They are supposed to help students but they don’t, unless they receive money! There’s just no stopping to Moroccan corruption.

14. The sound of slippers being dragged, oh it’s everywhere. They don’t lift their feet when they walk. To me this sound is equally annoying as having a buzzing fly around me the whole time I’m outside. It makes me want to smack people.

15. They look down on people of lower social status. They won’t smile to people ‘below their level’ for example. Bosses look down on employees (forget about democracy, just keep your mouth shut). Employees look down on interns. Upper middle class people look down on chaabi (popular) people and it goes on like that. Especiallly as someone born and raised in a Dutch culture this is something I notice and hate.

16. Guests stay too late. This is probably a thing of my city where summer life is night life. Sometimes it’s 2:00 am and there are still people in our living room, because you know, la vida loca. They come in at 00:00 expecting food, not thinking ‘hey, maybe she doesn’t have enough groceries to cook for six extra people’ or just a simple ‘maybe she wants to sleep’. Nope, they’re thinking ‘I like this house. I wish I lived here. I’m gonna stay here until I get tired :D’. It’s that I love them; otherwise I wouldn’t open the door.

17. Quite a lot of people are tired of life and their presence makes me tired of life. They make me want to sit with the kids.

18. At an individual level they suffer from severe superiority madness. They are rather racist (anyone outside their city/area is bad) and they have inside knowledge of everything…they think. Along with their drive to mind your business they will bother you by telling you how to do whatever you’re doing. God give us patience…

19. At a collective level they suffer from the opposite of superiority. They have no love for their country. They complain about society, but they won’t change their own behavior. ”This is Morocco” is their excuse again for being uncivilized.

20. These feelings of inferiority bring about the phenomenon ‘wannabe French people’. They can’t say a sentence in Arabic without using French. There are even people born and raised in Morocco who don’t even speak the language of their country. That is just… I have no words. They take over the useless things of the west – doggies, 50-year-olds in bikinis and sometimes even bottles of wine – but professionalism and friendliness are things they skipped. The irony is that their ‘modern ways’ only prove how backward they are.

Sometimes I just need to sit down and take a moment to try to understand how retarded their way of thinking is, but I never seem to succeed at understanding how their minds work. So then I stop trying to understand their way of thinking and I start thinking about a possible cause of these weird traits.

What I think

For a big part, I blame the educational system of Morocco. I have a feeling the pedagogical aspect of elementary school is lacking and that individual needs aren’t taken into account. This is not to be underestimated! I also suspect students in high school and college don’t get to practice independent and critical thinking and to deal accordingly in a professional manner. I feel that perhaps the focus lies more on reproduction, knowledge of facts and subject specific skills than on development.

I noticed they all go to tutoring centers. All of them, the smart ones too. That can mean several things: their teachers don’t deserve their paychecks (they don’t help students), people nowadays have some kind of Asian mindset (minus the professionality) or the tree they have to climb is way too high. But what about the fishes?

These are just speculations based on people’s behavior. I’ve never researched Moroccan education so I can’t tell what’s wrong, but there are obviously some issues. Such a waste of talent.

I also think shortcomings in their Islamic upbringing form an important cause of the problem. They may learn to pray and they memorize surahs, but apparently they’re not provided with Islamic morals in an appropriate or effective way. Maybe they are exposed to wrong examples. Maybe they never learned why some things are bad. Maybe it’s a combination of both and maybe there is another reason. Whatever may be the cause, it is incredibly sad that Islamic values are barely visible in an Islamic society.

Morocco is a beautiful country that has developed very fast in the past ten years, but its people don’t seem to follow the same trend. I think they still need a few decades to be civilized. But you know? Morocco is such a magical place that its colors shine despite its shadow. It’s a land of extreme sensations that give you a rush of life. Just don’t forget that punch bag, that’s all.

Any thoughts?

129 thoughts on “20 things I hate about Moroccans

  1. As a Moroccan I would like to thank you for the love you showed to Morocco and Moroccans. Understood that you did not mean all Moroccans. However, I found your analysis superficial and lucking subjectivity. Moroccans are the most modest and humble people in the world. what you said about showing off culture, I guess its you who did not get it right and you missed many fundamental details in Moroccan culture. You focused only on negative sides of some of the Moroccans and made appear like if it was the norm and the rule of all nice, hospitable and altruistic Moroccans even if you tried to highlight that you do not mean all Moroccans at the beginning. But you did not succeed. I lived in different cultures and I saw terrible things done by other nationalities. We read every day about big crimes including Islamophobia and Arabophobia including some of your commentators here and that is really a shame on all those who consider themselves civilized.
    My advise as Moroccan: Don’t visit my beloved country and its people if you don’t like them.

  2. This is so true. I met a Moroccan man online, he’s very arrogant. He doesn’t read books but pretends to know everything. He’s racist towards black people, believes in the race hierarchy. He’s very dirty too. Doesn’t take a bath, pisses on his living room instead of the toilet. He calls me names, and his family thinks im lower class. Whenever I point out his mistakes, he wouldn’t admit them. But he keeps on pointing out my mistakes all the time. He asks me inappropriate questions, sexual questions and blames me if I don’t want to answer him. He thinks he’s superior to others when in reality he is very poor. He sits in his house the whole day too doing nothing. He is very lazy. He thinks that if you are not good at Math or Physics, you’re very stupid. I thought it’s only him because he’s mentally ill but I’m surprised it’s most Moroccans as stated in this article.

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