My irreplaceable

My days start with his warm smile and end with his warm smile, that let me know he is always with me. His presence I feel all day long and so his love, his protection and his comfort. I know I will never have to feel alone because of him. He is in my company in nice times and in difficult times. And whatever happens, he never stops smiling. He is my strength and my hope. Nobody can take his place, nor can anyone come between us, because he is my father, my parent, my family and my loved one, and so he will stay with me until the day my heart stops beating and then, if Allah wills, until eternity. 

Rahmato Allah 3lih (may Allah have mercy on him)


I wrote this at age fifteen with his background picture on my phone in mind. The original text is Dutch and I translated it into English, without adding or removing anything.

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